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Why I believe in Special Creation ( the Bible ) and not the theory of  Evolution ( Darwinism  ) as the explanation for
the Origin of life on the Earth.

First I would like to call to attention the concept of
Irreducible complexity.

The idea of irreducible complexity can be explained with a simple device such as a mouse trap. The mouse trap consists of a
                                        1. Wooden platform.
                                        2. A spring loaded wire hammer.
                                        3. A catch.
                                        4. A metal bar.
                                        5. The bait.
We are all familiar with the operation of the mouse trap.
We realise that if any of the parts are missing the mouse trap will not work. No wooden platform to mount the parts, no wire hammer to kill the mouse, no spring to drive the hammer, no catch & bar to hold the hammer in place.
If any of the foregoing parts are missing the mouse trap does not function.
This kind of simple device is irreducibly complexed because it needs all of its parts to be in place and functioning for it to work as a mouse trap.
If the wooden platform was painted or not painted it is clear that the mouse trap would still function as a mouse trap.

The paint is not part of the irreducible system.

Another example: a watch with its hands missing ceases to function as a watch. Also most electrical circuits are irreducibly complexed because if you remove any one of the components from the circuit, the device normally fails. All parts of the particular device have to be in place before the function is viable.

This defines irreducible complexity.
The living world at the level of molecular biology is irreducibly complexed.

I will illustrate one of these devices which is contained in every living thing that exists or has existed from bacteria, plants, animals and human beings.
All living cells require energy to function just as electrical circuits require electricity to flow through the circuit.
The energy of living cells is contained in a molecule called adenosine triphosphate [ ATP ]  see note 1. This protein molecule gives its energy to the other functions and chemical processes within the body of the cell.
After the energy has been released then the ATP reduces to adenosine diphosphate [ADP].
This whole subject has been investigated since 1929 when German chemist Karl Lohmann discovered ATP.The subject has continued to be researched since then and in 1997 the Nobel prize was given to two scientists Paul D Boyer and John E Walker for their discovery of how the enzyme ATP synthase catalyses the formation of ATP.
The structure that they found was a molecular motor that spins at

6000 revolutions per minute. Yes 6000 !
This chemical motor is so small that you can get 200,000 on a pin head !
Every cell in your body has hundreds if not thousands of these tiny motors.
If this motor did not exist all living things would die

As the ATP gives up its energy and then changes to ADP the motor then re-manufactures new ATP from the ADP that has been formed. The motor then changes this ADP to new ATP and so the cycle repeats itself.
These miniature motors are embedded in the mitochondrion which are distributed inside cells of all living things. The motor molecule is huge compared to other proteins and is made up of
31 separate proteins which form this intricate machine.
The spinning motor has been captured on video in an experiment conducted by Prof. Masasuke Yoshida and colleagues in Tokyo. They attached muscle protein to the bent axle and the motor was observed spinning under a microscope. How does this chemical motor work ?
Referring now to the diagram, there is situated in the membrane a rotor labelled ' C '.
This rotates due to the Hydrogen ions 1 flowing through membrane from one side of high concentration to the other side of low concentration.
How this flow of Hydrogen ions ( protons ) turn this rotor is as yet not known but is the subject of intensive research.
The rotor has a bent axle 2 attached called which spins within a set of six ' Hats ' 3 call and sub units. As the axle spins it coins three ATP molecules in one revolution. It is the compression of the sub unit that causes the ADP to be converted to ATP. The detail of all this chemistry is phenomenal.
This is illustrated by the three diagrams at the bottom of the page.
The amount of ATP manufactured per day by a human being is normally the persons own body weight. If a person works very hard the body will convert
one ton of ATP per day.

It is a miracle that such a device exists. It is very hard to believe that this is going on day and night through the whole of our lifetime.

Click here for animated display
of the Motor.
Select ATP Synthesis

How does all this relate to irreducible complexity.
Well, if any part of this motor with its
31 proteins is missing the motor stops and we are dead.
This device has been in living things since day one. It had to be created in working order for any living cell to exist.
Nobody in their right mind can imagine that this intricate mechanism could possibly have been created by chance using natural selection because the motor is irreducibly complexed.
It would have been of no use unless it was a complete mechanism, therefore any form of natural selection would not have even existed for this mechanism because life cannot exist without this motor. 

Now do you believe that this protein motor which manufactures ATP has been created by chance or was it the design of an intelligent mind.
This is the issue facing each one of us.
I personally cannot believe it has originated by chance.

We have to remember also that before we get to the manufacturing of these proteins we have to consider the actual design of the natural elements that make up these proteins.
In books, newspapers and on TV they speak of finding water on some planet, immediately this is seized upon as to imply that life can started by random chance from the elements.
This is complete nonsense. It is like finding silicon and expecting by chance a microprocessor to appear after millions of years.
If you don't like the illustration, just remember a microprocessor is an extremely simple device compared to a living cell.
DNA as a carrier of information is
45,000,000,000,000 (45 million million) times better than a silicon Megachip and a Megachip is designed by a designer and not a product of a random chance happening.
I never cease to be amazed at the design of the 37 sub atomic particles that produce all these properties of atoms that make life possible. They too, are irreducibly complexed.
When we consider that the fertilised egg of a human being which is
1/100 of a mm in diameter, which contains all the instructions for building a human being without any outside interference and only needs the input of energy it sounds incredible. 
Sometimes I cannot believe that we are actually walking about.

Cells are self-reproducing. self-diagnostic and self-repairing.

Try to imagine what this means, it is as if you have a motor car that not only works as a transportation vehicle but the vehicle senses that it is wearing out or senses it has a fault, then repairs itself while it is still working. Then when it comes to the end of its working life, the vehicle makes a copy of itself.
What we have to take on board is that it takes a whole vehicle factory to make a vehicle.
Of course this is science fiction but this is precisely what cells do as well as reproducing, diagnosing and repairing the whole organism of which the cell is just a part.
If it wasn't for the fact that we are here alive it is unbelievable, a miracle.
Also the stability of the atomic structure is truly incredible but it is  absolutely necessary for life to exist. The intelligence manifested in all this complexity is overwhelming and the being that created it all, is to be worshipped and feared.
When we realise that the Creator of the Universe,
the Word of God, the designer of all this wonder, actually became man, makes us stagger in awe. He is the one that gave his life so that our sins can be forgiven.
Remember the words of the Lord Jesus when he said to the Jewish people of that generation:
John 8:24  I told you that you would die in your sins,

for you will die in your sins unless you believe that I am he."
What can I say ? I hope it is now obvious why I believe in God.

The trouble is in this day and age, knowledge of the Bible and its relationship to science is known, only by a few.
I hear people in discussions pontificating about how the Bible has been handed down by word of mouth, is unreliable, saying that science has disproved the Bible etc. These people suddenly become experts when it comes to the Bible when in actual fact they are plainly ignorant of its transmission, its  prophecies and its numerical structure.

Note 1. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), molecule found in all living organisms that is the main immediate source of usuable energy for the activities of the cells. ATP is built up by the metabolism of foodstuffs in the cell in special compartments called mitochondria. Because the energy-exchanging function of ATP and the catalytic (work-boosting) function of enzymes are intimately connected, ATP is characterised as a coenzyme.
The adenosine part of the molecule is made up of adenine, a nitrogen-containing compound (also one of the principal components of the gene), and ribose, a five-carbon sugar. Three phosphate units (triphosphate), each made up of one phosphorus atom and four oxygen atoms, are attached to the ribose.
The two bonds between the three phosphate groups
are high-energy bonds, that is, they are relatively weak and yield their energy readily when split by enzymes. With the release of the end phosphate group, 7 kilocalories ( 7 calories, in common usage) of energy become available for work, and the ATP molecule becomes ADP (adenosine diphosphate).
Most of the energy-consuming reactions in cells are powered by the conversion of ATP to ADP; they include the transmission of nerve signals, the movement of muscles, the synthesis of protein, and cell division. Usually, ADP quickly regains the third phosphate unit through the action of cytochrome, a protein that builds it up by using food energy.
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