Text Box: Prime Number Evidence for the first words in the Bible that reveals 
a Signature of Mathematical Design.
Text Box: The System is based upon Prime Numbers, Triangular numbers, Hexagons and Hexagrams. 
Text Box: “In the Beginning God created 
the heavens and the earth” 
“In the beginning was the word”

    1st Dec 2023 Revised Book Latest addition. Now 700 pages. Updated 1th Feb 2024

373 The Proof Set in Stone

“Please take Note, I DO NOT ask for Donations in order that I can Remain FREE from any Doctrinal Straight Jackets” Peter Bluer.

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Creation Revealed in 6 DaysP. J. Wiseman

Text Box: A Study in the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mathematical evidence for Gen1.1 Deut 6.4 [ the Shema ], and John 1.1 and  the Precision of the Messianic Prophecy of the 70 Weeks of Daniel.
A New Assessment of the Second Advent as a Past Event, and Bible Maths. The book is summarised in 
15 presentations on the DVD with narration.
 Running time is about 9 hours. The DVD shows 
The Mathematics of The 70 Weeks of Daniel, 
the Second Advent and The Signature found 
Gen 1.1, Deut 6.4 & John 1.1 and encoded in DNA.
The DVD used in Bible Studies via the TV or Schools. 
The presentations Prove that the Bible is the True source of our existence and shows the Tangible evidence Proves Jesus Christ is the Messiah. 
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Manchester, M22 5JG England U.K. 0161 437 7013
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Text Box: 1998 (666 + 666 + 666) + 703 = 2701

 and the Earth” 703

Gen 1.1  -  1998

“ In the beginning God

 created the Heavens

And the Earth”

John 1.1 - 3627

“ In the beginning was the Word

 and the Word

was with God

and the Word

was God ”

Text Box: A Short study of Modified Preterism and accompanying chart of the next prophetic events of human history.
This study will explain how I came to
               these conclusions.
               to download study 
Text Box: The Christ has Come
by Hampden Cook 
B.A London, M. A. Cambridge.
An appeal from Human Tradition to 
    the Teachings of Jesus 
          and his Apostles
Text Box: The book below explains what the Temple in Jerusalem was like 2000 years ago. I came across this book
      and it is exactly what it claims 
to be ‘Irresistible Proof.’
Text Box: Hampden Cook was the editor of
 The Weymouth Translation of 
the New Testament. 
Text Box: The great day of
the lord

    by Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown believed in “Replacement Theology” meaning that the Nation of Israel has been rejected by God and replaced by the Church.  
My view is that Israel will be finally restored. 
Luke 21:24, Romans 11:25-27. 
I believe this book takes the correct view, 
of the Book of Revelation, that it  was written in Nero’s Reign before the desolation of Jerusalem and the Revelation is focused on AD 70. 
Prof. F F Bruce 
told me that this Book influenced 
Prof. Daniel Lamont’s view that
 the Second Coming took place before
 first century’s generation had passed away. 
Matt 16:27-28

An  Extract from

“Christ and the World of Thought ”

by Daniel Lamont

    Professor of Practical


     New College Edinburgh

Text Box: This Article below is one of 
the most sane views 
I have ever read on 
the Second Coming.
Text Box: Preterism is the view that the Second Coming is a Past event occurring in AD 70
The next prophetic event is the Third Revelation of Jesus Christ
It is The conversion of Non believing Israel by the presence The LORD 
This is according to Zech 12:10 in fulfilment of Rom 11:25,26
Text Box: THE Parousia
A critical inquiry into 
the new testament doctrine of
 our lord’s second coming
J.s. russell
Published in 1878 
London—Daldy & Isbister
Scanned source 
Google Books & Todd Dennis
For those who a serious about this 
difficult subject this is a must read. 
“Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”
        Rev 1.3, 22.7, 10,12,20 
          Digitised and edited 
               by Peter Bluer

A Download a No 13 Printable Book by Thomas B Thayer available


         Doctrine of Endless Punishment

          This Never ending, conscious Eternal torment is a lie.

     It is my belief that Christians who say they believe in this

             doctrine, But they do not realise its implications.

I believe that Nobody, in their right mind can believe this hideous teaching and I challenge anyone who disagrees, to read the above book that explains the words κολασιν αωνιονdo not mean Eternal Punishment. Matt 25.46 The correct translation is ‘the age of Chastisement’

The book shows with the proper translation of the Greek words, which

     Christ actually said, proves that Eternal Hell Fire is an Evil Teaching.

 Did you know that there is special Greek word for

Real Eternity ‘aidios’ which our Lord never ever use once !


Books on Universalism

 [ Highly Recommended ]

The Other Bible Code

These are very Erudite pages

The Death of Atheism

More Biblical Mathematics

by Leo Tavares


  Section 1

Evidence from Genesis of the Deity of the Lord. Angel of the Lord.

Who is he ? The Angel of the Covenant. John 1.1 in explained in detail.

Testimony from the Book of Revelation. The Truth about Hell


                       1.       The Eternal Question. Why Evil and Suffering ?

                       2.       The Fundamental Doctrine of Christianity.

                       3.       The exposition of John 1.1  

                       4.        More evidence from the New Testament. 

                       5.        The Plural of God in the Old Testament.

                       6.        Who is the Angel ( Michael ) of the Covenant

                       7.       The Glory of the LORD

                       8.       The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.     

                       9.       Summary.

                 10.       Hell Fire is it True or False ? 2 Thess 1.

                                 1. Appendix  Anthropomorphism

                                 2. Appendix  Colwell’s Rule

  Section 2

Mathematical proof for an unbelieving age that Genesis is

the true account of the Origin of the Universe. Immutable evidence.

Evidence from the Shema. Deut 6.4 and John 1.1


                 11.       Introduction

                     12.       Investigation of Gen 1.1

                     13.       Evidence in the New Testament.

                     14.       Numerical Geometry.

                     15.       Algebraic and Arithmetic Analysis.

                     16.       The Shema.  

                     17.       Other Languages, English, French and German.

                     18.       Numerical analysis of John 1.1

                                 Numerical Geometry, Hexagons, Hexagrams

                                 The Strange Phenomena of A4 Dimensions

                     19.       The analysis of Pi, p, 22/7, e, 2.718

                                 Fibonnacci Numbers, DNA Protons, Bible Cubes

                                 The Greatest unbelievable Proof Ever

                     20.       Numerology.  

                     21.       The Numerical Signature in DNA  Plus Appendices

                                  Appendix A - D  Mathematical Proof why Radix 10 with 3 & 7

                                   are the only  numbers that are possible for Gen 1.1

                                    How to construct numeric sentences by Computer.

                                   Bibliography Tables, Triangular, Hexagon, Hexagram,

                                    Prime Numbers. GPS and Bible Numerics 53.373393 Latitude.

                                   The Numerical Bible Gen 1.1, John 1.1

  Section 3

Clear evidence that Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah

sent to Israel at the time of the Roman Empire.

The exact time of his first appearance as prophesied

by Daniel the Prophet and a New assessment of the Second Advent.

 This Advent took Place in AD 70.

The view that the Second Coming is a past event

is called the Preterist View.

 This Book explains Modified Preterism

What is the next major event in human history ?


                     19.       70 Weeks of Daniel 9:24.

                     20.       70 Weeks verse 25.

                     21.       70 Weeks verse 26.

                     22.       70 Weeks verse 27.                        


   1. This demonstrates what is the evidence about the  date of  the

       Apocalypse. The Book of  Revelation was written in AD 68 not AD 96

   2. Part A. The Revolt of Judaea from

                   “The Early days of  Christianity “ by F W Farrar

       Part B. The Fall of Jerusalem from

                  “The Early days of  Christianity “ by F W Farrar 

   3. This is to show that one year in  Biblical prophecy is 360 days.

   4. Table of Chronology for the beginning of the 70 Weeks

   5. The four verses in Hebrew of the 70 Weeks and a Numerical  Analysis

   6. Chronology , Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

   7. Who was responsible for the desolation of Jerusalem

   8. Evidence, Daniel was written in the 6th century BC

   9. 2nd Advent, Past Event in AD70 μελλωSoon”

 10. The Athnach of Daniel 9.25.  RSV incorrect

 11. Concerning the Identity of the Beast via 666

 12. A summary of certain aspects of the Second advent.

 13. The so called Global events at the Second Advent of Christ Rev 6.

 14. Unusual extracts from Whiston’s Josephus.

 15. All the scriptures concerning the Second Advent gathered

        together with an accompanying Chart of the events.

 16. A short commentary on Matt 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13.

       These three chapters contain the direct Prophecy of 

        the Second Advent as prophesied by the Lord Himself.

 17. Three interpretations of Revelation, the Apocalypse of St. John.

 18. Questions and objections

 19. The Second Advent Prof. Lamont. ‘must read’

 20. Why I believe in Special Creation.

 21. The Problem of  Speaking in Tongues

The Conspiracy of Translators

Why is the word Soon’ missing in 32 places in the New Testament where the context is about the 2nd coming, because if they put “soon” in

   the translation then it would

     indicate that their view of 

     the 2nd coming is defective.


A wealth of Information

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Nero Caesar is 2 x 666

For the last 2000 years all Scholars without exception say that 666 can only be identified as Nero in Hebrew only. This is simply NOT TRUE

This is due to their lack of Numeric skills.

The name Nero is encoded in Greek by 2 x 666.

Download the booklet to verify it.

There is No future Anti-Christ because Nero was the Anti-Christ identified in Rev13.18

 and Babylon the Great identified

 as unfaithful Jerusalem the Harlot.

Text Box: The Book and DVD were written, Manufactured and Published by me. 
It is not a Commercial Enterprise. The Book and DVD has cost me not only a good portion of Money and 7 years of writing, coupled with learning how to Print and Manufacture the Book, with 66 years of the Study of the Scriptures.
If you know what it is like to be in a Theological Box, my hope is that what you will read, you will escape it. It may cost you some of your Christian friends, but you will be able to defend Christianity with Tangible Evidence which cannot be undermined, in this Scientific Atheistic age.   Peter Bluer
Text Box: The Book “373 The Proof set in Stone” above contains a Particular Proof which I declare is 
the Greatest Proof that I have ever seen, of the Divine Origin of the Creation, 
of the Universe and our Existence.  This Evidence is supplied using VERY LARGE Prime Numbers. 
The reader may not be aware that there is No algebraic Formula, which calculates what a particular Prime would be or it’s Order Number. [ 2(1) 3(2) 5(3) 7(4) 11(5) 13(6) 17(7) 19(8) 23(9) 29(10) 31(11) 37(12)…]
The internet has programs that give all the information about Primes but no Formula.
For example, what is the 2161st Prime Number ?
The only way you can find out this Prime Number is by inspection,
 e.g. Find all the Primes before this one as the Order Number is important if you want 2161st Prime. 
Without a computer, this is a formidable task and with no errors allowed. 
The 2161st Prime Number is 19013. 
Gen 1.1 provides an Unbelievable Proof and remember the Hebrew text of Gen 1.1 
was written 3500 years ago i.e. 1500 BC and Moses had no idea what the value of the letters were, 
as they were only given values in 200 BC

pdf Old Testament Genesis - Ruth


Ezra SIL


Iota font

pdf New Testament

Matthew - Revelation

Advice for Studying Bible Numerics pdf

A Note from the Author     Peter Bluer

¨ This Book is a very important milestone in defence of the Holy Scriptures.

¨ It has been written because the Theory of Evolution has totally saturated

      the thinking of everybody and in their minds the Scriptures are a myth.

'373 A Proof set in Stone'

¨ establishes by Invincible Evidence the authority of the Bible,

                           and that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Messiah

¨ The Book is the complete answer to Atheists
the Evidence presented does not depend on dubious Historical Sources.

¨ It is excellently bound, over 700 pages, and is printed in colour.

¨ It is very comprehensive in its detail and provides an excellent foundation

¨                        for the study of Biblical Numerics.

¨ It shows that the Deity of Christ is the fundamental truth of

¨  the Scriptures

and provides a New look at the Second Advent.        

Download to look in 373


Peter Bluer

Text Box: An interlinear Greek_English and Hebrew_English text.
Display as shown below the New and Old Testament.
To display the Greek & Hebrew font correctly  download
“ Iota font ” “ Ezra SIL ”and put it in the fonts folder c:\windows\fonts
Breakdown Numbers into Prime Factots Factor  Table
Text Box: <iframe


  1- 20m
  2- 49m
3- 24m
  4- 90m
  5- 34m
6- 29m


   A- 25m
   B- 41m
  C- 59m
  D- 12m


  X- 58m
  Y- 44m
  Z- 44m
 U- 32m

  S- 44m




    9 Hrs

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