14st Sept 2018 Revised Book Latest addition. Now 700 pages.
"373 The Proof set in Stone"
"Please take Note, I DO NOT ask for Donations in order that I can remain FREE from any Doctrinal Straight Jackets"
Peter Bluer

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1998 (666 + 666 + 666) + 703 = 2701

Bible Mathematics. Gen 1.1 is 2701 = 37 x 73 & John 1.1 is 3627 = 39 93.
These verses speak of the beginning of the Universe and life on Earth.
These are the only verses in the Bible that say "in the Beginning…".
The Atomic weight [taking Carbon 12 as standard] of all the 20 Amino Acids that makes DNA is 2738 = 2 x 37 x 37.  The Creating Source is the Holy Spirit,
"and the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters" gives 1369 = 37 x 37.
Note The Signature: 37. Hydrogen is the only Element that does not contain
A Neutron. Hydrogen with A Neutron, is called Deuterium,
found in abundance in the Oceans (the waters).
The Table displays an incredible witness to the Holy Spirits' Creation,
i.e. the sum the protons in  first 73 Elements = 2701. Gen 1.1 value is 2701.
The sum of Neutrons = 3627. John 1.1 value is 3627.
Elements are encoded with the Signature of the Creator 37 & a Reflection of 73
"In the beginning was the word [373] and the word [373] was with God and the Word [373] was God"                 Jesus [888 = 24 x 37] Christ = [1480 = 40 x 37]
Creator and Saviour called the "Word" = [373]


  Section 1

Evidence from Genesis of the Deity of the Lord. Angel of the Lord.
Who is he ? The Angel of the Covenant. John 1.1 in explained in detail.
Testimony from the Book of Revelation. The Truth about Hell

                       1.       The Eternal Question. Why Evil and Suffering ?
                       2.       The Fundamental Doctrine of Christianity.
                       3.       The exposition of John 1.1   
                       4.        More evidence from the New Testament. 
        The Plural of God in the Old Testament.
                       6.        Who is the Angel ( Michael ) of the Covenant. 
                       7.       The Glory of the LORD
                       8.       The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.     
                       9.       Summary.

                 10.       Hell Fire is it True or False ? 2 Thess 1.
Appendix  Anthropomorphism
Appendix  Colwell's Rule
  Section 2

Mathematical proof for an unbelieving age that Genesis is
the true account of the Origin of the Universe. Immutable evidence.
Evidence from the Shema. Deut 6.4 and John 1.1

                   11.       Introduction
                     12.       Investigation of
Gen 1.1
                     13.       Evidence in the New Testament.
.       Numerical Geometry.
                     15.       Algebraic and Arithmetic Analysis.
The Shema.   
                     17.       Other Languages, English, French and German.
Numerical analysis of John 1.1
Numerical Geometry, Hexagons, Hexagrams
The Strange Phenomena of A4 Dimensions
                     19.       The analysis of Pi, p, 22/7, e, 2.718
Fibonnacci Numbers, DNA Protons, Bible Cubes
The Greatest unbelievable Proof Ever
                     20.       Numerology.   
                     21.       The Numerical Signature in
DNA  Plus Appendices
                                 Appendix A - D  Mathematical Proof why Radix 10 with 3 & 7
are the only  numbers that are possible for Gen 1.1
                                    How to construct numeric sentences by Computer.
                                    Bibliography Tables, Triangular, Hexagon, Hexagram,
                                    Prime Numbers. GPS and Bible Numerics 53.373393 Latitude.
                                    The Numerical Bible Gen 1.1, John 1.1                                                       
  Section 3

Clear evidence that Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah
sent to Israel at the time of the Roman Empire.
The exact time of his first appearance as prophesied
by Daniel the Prophet and a New assessment of the Second Advent.
This Advent took Place in AD 70.
The view that the Second Coming is a past event
is called the Preterist View.
This Book explains Modified Preterism
What is the next major event in human history ?

             19.       70 Weeks of Daniel 9:24.
                     20.       70 Weeks verse 25.
                     21.       70 Weeks verse 26.
                     22.       70 Weeks verse 27.                         
  1. This Appendix demonstrates what is the evidence about the  date of  the
The Book of  Revelation was written in AD 68 not AD 96
  2. Part A. The Revolt of Judaea from
                  "The Early days of  Christianity " by F W Farrar 
      Part B.
The Fall of Jerusalem from
"The Early days of   Christianity " by F W Farrar 
3. This appendix is to show that one year in  Biblical prophecy is 360 days.
4. Table of Chronology for the beginning of the 70 Weeks
  5. The four verses in Hebrew of the 70 Weeks and a Numerical  Analysis
  6. Chronology , Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
7. Who was responsible for the desolation of Jerusalem
  8. Evidence, Daniel was written in the 6th century BC
  9.  2nd Advent, Past Event in AD70 μελλω "Soon"
10. The Athnach of Daniel 9.25.  RSV incorrect
11. Concerning the Identity of the Beast via 666
12. A summary of certain aspects of the Second advent.
13. The so called Global events at the Second Advent of Christ Rev 6.
14. Unusual extracts from Whiston's Josephus.
15. All the scriptures concerning the Second Advent gathered together with
      an accompanying
Chart of the events.
16. A short commentary on Matt 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13.
      These three chapters contain the direct Prophecy of 
the Second Advent as
       prophesied by
the Lord Himself.
17. Three interpretations of Revelation, the Apocalypse of St. John.
18. Questions and objections
19. The Second Advent Prof. Lamont. 'must read'
20. Why I believe in Special Creation.
21. The Problem of  Speaking in Tongues

A Download a Printable Book by Thomas B Thayer available
Doctrine of Endless Punishment
This Never ending, conscious Eternal torment is a lie.
It is my belief that Christians say they believe in this doctrine,
But they do not realise its implications.
I believe that Nobody, in their right mind can believe this hideous teaching and I challenge anyone who disagrees, to read the
above downloadable book that explains the words
'κολασιν αωνιον' 'eternal punishment'  correctly.  Matt 25.46
The book shows that Eternal Hell fire is an evil teaching, with the proper understanding of the Greek words that Christ uses.
Did you know that there is special Greek word for real eternity 'aidios'  which our Lord never ever uses !


The Other Bible Code
These are very Erudite pages

To See how the Numerics of Genesis 1.1,  John 1.1, Deut 6.4
are encoded in the Structure of DNA.
A Download a Printable Pamphlet PDF

What is explained are the results of the work of Scientists who have examined the numerical structure of DNA and its Amino Acid components from the standpoint of Mathematics. The Amino Acids Protons and Neutrons have been classified and counted. These findings have been analysed on the basis of Arithmetic and Prime numbers. The results are quite a shock as they show a remarkable structure based on the prime numbers 37, 73 and 39 = 3 x 13. You will read pages about the Biblical Signature of 37, 73 and 39 ( 3 x 13 ) embedded in Genesis and the Gospel of John. So to find that these same numbers are then displayed in the molecules of DNA is no surprise to us who know that God is the Author of both.
have shown, time and time again, that the Universe we live in has Mathematics as its building blocks. It is safe to say that these Scientists were NOT trying to prove that the Bible is the work of Inspiration. Please remember that the Hebrew of Genesis was written down 4000 years before the value of the letters were known.The expansion of the Genome into the SETI PROJECT using DNA as an alternative is the proposal of Mathematical Evolutionary Biologists of Prof Vladimir I. shCherbak and his associates.
DNA has been used at the present time to store digital information because it is the most stable and efficient means of storage known to mankind.
DNA is composed of discreet components, its noise immunity (non corruptibility) is very high. It can be coded to store data using our digital form of storage and can remain unchanged probably indefinitely. This means it could contain a Signature of the intelligence source that created its structure. Because it contains this signature, DNA has been put forwarded by these Scientists as created by an intelligent source because the Signature is non random and the Signature is embedded with Positional Arithmetic (Hundreds, Tens, Unit) using the Decimal System and with the invention of the Concept of Zero. Positional Zero is a latecomer to our use of numbers (There is no year zero, dates change from BC 1 TO AD 1). The Signature sometimes called a Signal has the hallmark of artificiality i.e. not created by natural processes.
The properties of DNA are:

1. Duplication, 2. Reproduction, 3. Self Diagnostic 4. Self Repairing.

As long as the DNA remains inside the fantastic molecular machinery of the cell with a range of different 100,000 proteins, it will execute a DNA Chemical Program. Outside the Cell, the DNA is completely useless. This means that the Protein Machinery of the Cell is required first. The problem is that the Protein Machinery is also made by the DNA Molecule. Therefore the process never gets started without an external source of creating its origin. This was the problem when the first computer was designed. The Computer had to be built by man before the digital program could run. This problem of the start up i.e. the beginning is called the bootstrap principle. Therefore it has been proposed by these highly reputable Scientists that the Earth was seeded millions of years ago to account for life on our planet. Unfortunately these Scientists do not account for the Machinery of the cell which is infinitely more complex than the DNA itself. Their Signature discovered in DNA does not tell them who the Author was but the Biblical Signature which is:

THE SAME Signature tells us exactly who it was and is.
The scientists NEVER appeal to the concept of God as we accept God.
They call the DNA Creator 'WHAT EVER IT WAS' thus avoiding the word 'GOD'

The Death of Atheism
More Biblical Mathematics
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